A game about trying to find good songs to make a mixtape for a very special friend. 

Arrow keys to move, pick up cassettes, interact with people and go through dialogue. 

Takes about a few minutes to complete. 

Made using Bitsy for Mixtape (Bitsy Jam) 

Made with <3 by Berrak

Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, LGBT, mixtape, Music


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this was so nice! those songs definitely brought me back. Jennifer Paige. Damn!

ah man loved it!


This was incredibly cute and heartfelt and I loved the descriptions for each song as they worked through the process (it's OH SO familiar!). Short and sweet <3

this was super cute! reminds me of all the mixtapes i made for my friends and the thought process selecting each song (also fantastic song choices!)

Boy this sure goes way back. But no matter the age some things don't change. A very nice and charming story!