A game about trying to find good songs to make a mixtape for a very special friend. 

Arrow keys to move, pick up cassettes, interact with people and go through dialogue. 

Takes about a few minutes to complete. 

Made using Bitsy for Mixtape (Bitsy Jam) 

Made with <3 by Berrak

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, LGBT, mixtape, Music


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Hi, is this a true story? Did your friend like it?


This was very nice! Really captured that feeling.

thanks for making and sharing this

this was so nice! those songs definitely brought me back. Jennifer Paige. Damn!

ah man loved it!


This was incredibly cute and heartfelt and I loved the descriptions for each song as they worked through the process (it's OH SO familiar!). Short and sweet <3

this was super cute! reminds me of all the mixtapes i made for my friends and the thought process selecting each song (also fantastic song choices!)

Boy this sure goes way back. But no matter the age some things don't change. A very nice and charming story!